Mrs. Scharr

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Mary Scharr, and I have been a teacher with the district for 26 years.  I spent my first 7 years teaching 3rd grade at CB Lamb and 14 years teaching 5th and 6th grades at both CB Lamb and UES.  In 2014, I began my new position as one of the CB Lamb Math Interventionists which I was so proud to accept. In 2015, I began teaching reading as an interventionist which I also loved. Since 2017, I have been at UES as the Math Interventionist. I am very excited to be back at UES and enjoy working within the classrooms during math classes.

I am married with 2 school-aged children; Christopher - 12th grade and Courtney - 9th grade. We reside in Marlton with the best doggie in all of the world, Cooper!

I firmly believe that a strong commitment to educational values, both at home and at school, is the key element that ensures the best possible success for the children. With a strong educational foundation, accountability, and positive attitude, children can accomplish anything!


  • Get enough rest and nutrition so as to be the best you can be in the classroom!  
  • Participate in class!
  • Go the extra mile of what is expected!  YOU


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