Instrument Rentals

Please contact me if you are planning to buy an instrument instead of renting one.  I know the price may appear to be more cost effective, but the quality of the instrument may not meet your expectations.  I want to insure that you do not purchase something that will constantly  break and need repair.  If you already have an instrument, or are borrowing one from a friend/family member, please let me know so that I can make sure it is a good quality instruments.  I also recommend that you have it professionally cleaned at a local music store.   
The rental company that we use is Russo Music Center.  You're child's instrument will be delivered directly to the school.  If the the instrument ever needs repair, it will be picked up and delivered back to the school as well.  Please go online to the website listed on the form and follow the instructions to rent your child's instrument.   

In order to quickly and conveniently receive your instrument, go to