Homework is an essential part of the instructional program. Its purpose is to help reinforce concepts taught during the school day and/or to gather extra information beyond what was taught in class.  From a developmental standpoint, homework helps with responsibility, perseverance, time management, self-confidence and feelings of accomplishment.


Limited to three criteria:

a.        Effort – Academic quality and neatness.

b.       Completeness – All questions answered.

c.        Timeliness – Handed in when due.

For Math Homework ASSIGNMENTS:

  check mark +  = An assignment meets all three listed criteria AND contains minimal incorrect responses.  This homework grade equates to 100%.

 check     = An assignment meets all three listed criteria.  A check equates to an 85% homework grade. A check may indicate that at times the correctness of answers is not an evaluative criterion.

 check minus  -    = An assignment is showing no effort/many blank categories, does not reflect a child’s best effort, has several incorrect answers, or is incomplete.  This mark equates to a 70%.

 0     = An assignment is not handed in.