UES collective commitments

Through our own actions, we will model kindness, respect, and empathy towards peers and students. Together, we will turn-key resources and support each other’s professional growth through PLCs, grade level/faculty meetings, and peer mentoring to ensure effective instruction.

We value time set aside for professional development and will implement and reflect on effective practices to meet the needs of students.

We commit to the efficient use of resources, maximizing contact time with technology and varied programs to offer students the highest levels of learning and collaboration.

Our focus will be on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards through the implementation of common assessments, problem-based assessment, and tiered intervention. Students will be engaged in critical thinking skills to become 21st century learners by using the following: self-assessment, problem-based learning, and critiquing the work of others.

We will ask students to take responsibility and ownership for their school, by offering a variety of activities and programs that foster and develop skills that showcase each child’s unique abilities.

We will model the acceptance of all students’ ideas, thoughts, and hobbies to show that the individuals are valued which will promote positive life-long citizenship. Teachers will be proactive in implementing lessons and assessments which are real-world based and collaborative; creating 21st century learning experiences.