Acceptable use of Technology

Acceptable use of computer network, computers and resources : Board of Education Policy #2361

Any individual engaging the following actions when using computer networks/computers shall be subject to discipline or legal action:

A. Using the computer network(s) or computers for illegal, inappropriate or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities. Illegal activities are defined as activities that violate federal, state, local laws and regulations. Inappropriate activities are defined as those that violate the intended use of the network. Obscene activities shall be defined as a violation of generally accepted social standards for use of publicly owned and operated communication vehicles.

B. Using the computer network(s) or computers to violate copyrights, institutional or third party copyrights, license agreements or other contracts.

C. Using the computer network(s) in a manner that:

Intentionally disrupts network traffic or crashes the network;

Degrades or disrupts equipment or system performance;

Uses the computing resources of the school district for commercial purposes, financial gain or fraud;

Steals data or other intellectual property;

Gains or seeks unauthorized access to the files of others or vandalizes the data of another user;

Gains or seeks unauthorized access to resources or entities;

Forges electronic mail messages or uses an account owned by others;

Invades privacy of others;

Posts anonymous messages;

Possesses any data which is a violation of this policy; and/or

Engages in other activities that do not advance the educational purposes for which the computer network(s) or computers are provided.


Individuals violating this policy shall be subject to the consequences as indicated in Policy #2361 and other appropriate discipline that includes but are not limited to:

  1. Use of the network only under direct supervision;

  2. Suspension of network privileges;

  3. Revocation of network privileges;

  4. Suspension of computer privileges;

  5. Revocation of computer privileges;

  6. Suspension from school;

  7. Expulsion from school and/or

  8. Legal action and prosecution by the authorities.

Use of the Internet:

Because anyone in the world has access to the Internet, the system also contains material that is inappropriate for elementary students or does not possess educational value in the context of our school curriculum. One of the goals of this policy is to outline acceptable use of the Internet by all individuals. This policy seeks to balance issues of intellectual inquiry, freedom of speech and privacy with the responsibility of the district to ensure that individuals do not access or produce inappropriate or illegal materials. Please know that there is a filter in place at the school to block inappropriate websites and/or content.

The system administrator will authorize appropriate use of the Internet. Internet access is being provided for educational purposes. However, it is understood that access to the Internet will provide unlimited opportunities beyond the field of education. Therefore, all use of the Internet must be approved by the system administrator.