Dress Code

The Board of Education recognizes each pupil's mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of the pupil's personal style and individual preferences. The Board will impose its judgment on pupils and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) only when a pupil's dress and grooming affect the educational program of the schools.

All children, regardless of age, should dress in attire that is appropriate for school. Discretion should be used by teachers when assessing proper attire for children, dependent on the age of the child and/or scheduled activity. Dressthat may be acceptable for children in Pre-Kindergarten through grade three may not be appropriate for children in grades four through six. The following guidelines should be used to assist in assessing proper attire for children in grades four through six.

  1. All shirts should be long enough to be “tucked in.” Tank tops, mesh shirts, half-shirts, halter tops or tube tops are not permitted. Sleeveless shirts must not be revealing in any way.
  2. Apparel should not be tight fitting, sheer, brief or low cut.
  3. Shorts must be at least “finger-tip” length.
  4. Outdoor apparel (hats, jacket, sunglasses, etc.) may not be worn in school without permission from the building principal.
  5. Beach/shower type footwear is not permissible.
  6. Any garment containing graphics, words or phrases that are suggestively obscene or offensive are prohibited. Apparel may not contain references to alcohol, drugs (legal or illegal) or words/phrases with double meanings.

* Pupils attending school-related functions are required to adhere to these guidelines.