UES Vision

UES is a nurturing and collaborative educational community that inspires and empowers all individuals to lead and engage in thought provoking and authentic 21st century learning experiences.

Our students actively participate and lead in diverse learning experiences as they mature into responsible 21st century citizens.

Our staff members work collaboratively to meet the needs of all students and offer a stimulating environment that ensures social, emotional and educational growth.

Our professional practice meets the needs of all learners; incorporating self reflection, current research and best practice.

Our technological resources provide avenues for students and staff to interact with the global community, collaborate with peers, enhance daily lessons, and lead in their own learning.

Our instruction is differentiated; student - centered, data driven, standard based, and engages students in critical thinking.

Our school environment is accepting and supportive of all; fostering skills that promote leadership, active citizenship and collaboration toward a common goal.

Our classrooms are welcoming places where student ideas are shared and the resources necessary for authentic learning experiences are available.