Bus Behavior


-Use inside voices while on the bus;

-Always use kind and appropriate language;

-Share your seat as necessary;

-Keep hands and feet to yourself;

-Keep the bus clean and the aisle clear

-All body parts and student materials MUST remain inside the bus;

-Keep your back to the seat and seat belts on.

-Stay in sight of the bus driver while walking in front of the bus;

-Never touch the emergency exit door or windows, unless otherwise directed by the driver;

-Let the bus driver know if you are having a problem when the bus is NOT in motion.


In regard to non-severe bus behavior violations, the bus driver will allow a student two (2) verbal warnings. A third (3) warning will incur a change of seat and a fourth (4) violation will result in a written conduct report to the school principal

Violations of the transportation procedures will result in the following action:

First Written Violation: Upon receipt of a Bus Conduct Report, the principal will issue a warning and inform the parent(s)/guardian of the child.

Second Written Violation: A second violation will result in a suspension of bus privileges for a period of 1-3 days and/or other appropriate disciplinary action.

Future Written Violations: A third violation will result in a suspension of bus privileges for 4-7 days. Any violations that follow will result in a 10 day bus suspension or if necessary, a loss of bus privileges for the an extended period of time.

Parents/guardians will be notified of all suspensions in writing by the respective building administrator. Regardless of whether a student's conduct constitutes a first violation, a student may be suspended from bus privileges and/or school due to dangerous or inappropriate behavior at the discretion of the building administrator.

Bus Protocol

The bus driver's first responsibility is driving children safely to and from school.

They must maintain attention to the road at all times when the bus is in motion.

Please note that a bus driver reserves the right to assign bus seats as necessary.



Disobeying safety regulations (i.e., standing while the bus is in motion, hangingout windows, throwing objects, yelling, etc.)

Fighting, Inappropriate language, Inappropriate touching, spitting

Bullying and threatening others may also be combined with a bullying investigation and/or other consequences

Any other action deemed severe by the administration and/or Transportation Coordinator