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Absence Line - 609-738-2649


In order for the Board of Education to fulfill its responsibility for providing a thorough and efficient education for each pupil, the complete cooperation of parents/guardians and pupils is required to maintain a high level of school attendance.

The North Hanover Township Board of Education supports a program of active and interactive learning experiences. It is no secret that prolonged or repeated absences, patterns of tardiness, and/or frequent early dismissals deprive students of essential experiences and disrupt the continuity of instruction of the class. In order to be considered present for the school day, your child must participate in four hours of instructional programming, with at least one hour before and one hour after lunch. BOE Policy 5200

Please review the District School Year Calendar to ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS IN SCHOOL EVERY DAY that school is in session. In the event the school calendar changes, student session make up days may be added during school recess or by adding days in June.

Excessive absence will result in contact and/or meetings with the school counselor, principal and possibly the I&RS team.

Tardiness deprives students of the essential first steps that make for an successful start. If excessive tardiness is noted, the school will reach out to parents in an effort to find a solution to the occurrences.

Reporting Absences

Parents/guardians are required to telephone the school to report the reason for the child's absence from school. It is essential that the school is notified whenever a child is absent. To report an absence, please call the absence line at 609-738-2649 prior to 8:00 a.m.